Sunday, November 13, 2005

Great Day at Training! 'bout freaking time!

Eowyn did ok. She is going to take a little time for me to get her where I am happy with her work. My plan for her over the next couple of months is going to be mainly targeting and grip work. I am still convinced that some of what I am seeing is down to the fact that her world has been turned upside down. I think with very regular and consistent training she will come on great. There is a super nice, if not slightly odd at times, dog in there, she has all the components, they just need putting in a way that they can show exactly who she is. I love her to bits, she is a super social, very even tempered dog.

Here is a pic of her taken this afternoon!

Crash did WONDERFUL. His time off did him the world of good. I was a little nervous, half expected him to be his normal retarded self x100, but he wasn't. It appears his menstrual cycle passed LOL! His OB was flawless. Stayed in his long downs, went over the Palisade very nice.. in all I was very happy. His bitework, again, was flawless EXCEPT (cough) for his out, still having major problems with it.. but then I honesty think I am always going to have problems with it. Hmm.

Spud also did great. His bite was nice and full and hard on the jute wedge, did a short send with him, his targeting on the inner bicep was great. I like this little dog a lot.

Lastly I got Mags out to play. Not sure I have mentioned her previously. She is one of my females that I don't work.. Joefarm lines. I did not get her until she was 18 mths old. She has great nerve, nothing bothers her, beautiful conformation for a bitch, super bone, nice head. I don't work her due to the fact that I bought her just to breed, this said, I like to get her out every now and then for a bite.


I took a lot of pics at training today, will get them uploaded and post the link later tonight or in the morning!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Eowyn meet prong... Prong meet Eowyn!

Pulling no more :o))

Ironic thing is, I am the first person to bitch at people for using the prong as power steering.. heh.. my hands are too sore to care :o))

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Update on Eowyn

Eowyn is getting more comfortable by the day. I can tell this by the fact that she now comes barreling out of her crate in the morning, skates across the wood floor, ploughs through the storm door, pulls like a sled-dog and finally.. likes to jump all over me, complete with the little *love bite* she gave me this morning! She is SO strong. I know Dan used to run her for a few miles a day (not happening here LOL) so she is just solid muscle.

We have worked her a couple of times. She is super defensive, but very confident with it. Nice hard, calm grip. Likes to fight when on the bite. She has little interest in the equipment and will drop it instantly once the bite is slipped, then she herself will just 'switch off'. Enviromentals bother her a little initially, but nothing major, she recovers from it fast but it doesn't affect her grip any, which is the main thing. The only other thing really is that she is VERY noisy on the bite, something I would like to reduce as much as possible. This could be down to the fact that she is not 100% comfortable yet.. new handler, new decoys, world basically turned upside down... or it could just be 'who she is', or that she was taught to be like that, I have no idea which. She has a lot of drive for the ball, so OB is going to be a breeze with her.

For now I am going to concentrate on bonding with her. Work wise, need to get her much calmer in the head whilst on the bite, reduce that noise. Also going to do a bunch of prey work with her for the next month or so, see if we can't even out that drive base a little. If not, no biggie, I will work with the way she already is. Either way she is going to be a nice working dog. In all I am very happy with her :o)

I still haven't worked Crash, I will this week.. heh.

Spud was back tied for a little grip work again last night. His grip is not bad, per se, but he refuses to counter leaving him with a 2/3 grip. I am not too worried about it yet, if it is still a problem in another 6mths, then I may start to worry.. but for now.. not to much of a biggie for me.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Eowyn is here! I can already see she is full of piss and vinegar, but a lover with it.

She was totally unfazed by the flight and all it took was a piece of KFC popcorn chicken to made her my buddy :o)) We will be training Sunday and I can't wait! Will post pics soon!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Nothing exciting to report.. I didn't work Crash last night, but in my defense as well as the issues below, I have been fighting a horrible cold/cough/flu-type deal :o( BUT, I did work Spud.. or should I say my decoy [hubby, Bill] did. I just backtied him, let Bill work on his grip. It improved instantly. This was after I fought with him in the black of the night to get his harness on.. someone REALLY needs to design a harness that does not bring on alligator death rolls from a dog! :o))

Here is a pic of the little man, Spud taken last week at 7mths. Cute huh?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Just booked the flight for Eowyn! (smiling girl over there) She is due in at around 3pm on Friday. Fingers and toes crossed that she is the little girl I have been wanting! Thanks Dan!
So I am getting just a little burnt out with training right now. Borderline ready to knock it off for a little while, but if I do that I know that the problems will be there 10 fold when I get back to it again.

Crash is a 'tard.

Everyone wants these intense, crazy, extreme, civil dogs with drive out of the ying-yang, but really have no idea what problems come with it, and are very quick to tell you how to fix the problems when all they have ever owned are German Sleepers with as much drive as Crash has in one of his [severely overgrown] toenails.

For the past couple of months he had been doing great, clean in the guard and transport, beating me to the out, targeting nice on the inner bicep. I actually had the "This is too good to be true" thought... I was right. 2 weeks ago he decided he had been good long enough to save himself from the pound and returned to being the Crash I know all too well, whose head is stuck firmly up his own arse. Dirty bites, not wanting to out, nipple targeting.. I don't need to go on.

Spud on the other hand is doing pretty well. Seems to have a nice civil edge to him already, much more interested in the man than the equipment. His targeting is nice, his grip is a little iffy, but I am not worried in the least at this point. He is finally gaining weight and the pano does not seem to have come back to bother him.